Friday, November 11, 2011

100% pure love

A new store has opened up in the Gateway Mall, 100%, and it's aptly named since anyone who loves cute, quirky, functional, original, gifts, stationrey and more, can only but love it all and want it all! I plan on going back many many times....
This is oficially my 1st blog from the BlackBerry, as soon as I figure out a few more things I will add some photos
How much do u love finding perfect gifts?
I love it 100%

Sunday, November 6, 2011

birthday week

right, so it's day off with lovely hubby on Tuesday, here are some of the things we want to do
 visit Florida Road (galleries, shops, eateries etc.)
Sea Kayak at Ushaka, maybe get in a bicycle ride along the promenade too, hope we have good weather....
then it's b-day Wednesday ~ working ALL day! No dishes or cooking required ~ yay!
my darling husband who can keep no secret from me has revealed my birthday spoiler.... i shall soon be blogging from my blackberry device ~ so exciting!
and then on Friday, the bestest of days, the MOVE, the furniture, the new space, the light.... the joy!
i can't wait to share it all.....
today we are making it "Movie Marathon Sunday"....
packing? what packing?
crazy busy happy week