Saturday, December 22, 2012

If you blog I will Follow

I'm a sheep
(image: crucial trading)

I love to "follow" blogs
I cant help myself
the world is full of smarter, prettier more interesting people than me
and they are talented
and I'm grateful

keep up the good work blogger genius's!

newest additions to my "follow" list:

being brazen

foxtail and fern

lace and tea

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Shaky At Best

Shaky at best

Wiggle wiggle

Vroom vroom

My leg is shaking the room

My leg is shaking the bed

My leg shakes

When you are in my head

My leg shakes when I’m scared

My leg shakes when I worry

The never ending worries

Reduce rewind repeat

Wiggle wiggle

Vroom vroom

My leg is shaking


My leg is shaking the room

My leg is shaking my head

I need a melody

I need a song

Maybe then it will look like a good reason

To be shaking

Shaking the room

Shaking the bed

My leg is shaking

It’s all in my head

The very many worries

Most about you

About you and the shaking

Going on with my leg

Wigglel wiggle

Vroom vroom

My leg is shaking the bed

My leg is shaking the room

Sunday, May 20, 2012

going green : a work in progress

I won something

one of my favorite blogs: The Pretty Blog had a give-away from Mikado
for gorgeous wall decals, cant wait for them to get here!

Chevron love

Chevron is such a lovely trend at the moment
being in a rented apartment is so frustrating
cant paint, cant make holes in the walls
if I could I would definitely have a chevron wall
my version and the process:

painted wooden spoons

I saw a little bit of this and a little bit of that and thought to myself "I can do that"
wooden spoons: R14 at the Crazy store, a bit of masking tape, paint and brushes

Thursday, April 5, 2012

trials of life

I hate having PCOS

I hate that no matter what i do, if i break the diet for one second, i have to start at the beginning again... and again... and again

I hate that I have not been 100% healthy since January, flu, bronchitis, infections, lingering, making me tired, barely getting anything done AND then a girls not supposed to eat and go to gym on top of all of that too!!!!

the thin girl in me is screaming to get out

green tea helps

in South Africa the only food that qualifies as a 5x5 is one rye bread cracker

the darling children at the Swim School make it worth while getting up in the morning

Monday, January 23, 2012

Matryoshka Babushka I love you : more

must definitely give credit where credit is due....
some more Russian nesting doll love
so pretty and colorful, what's not to love?
still waiting on the Creator of the Heavens above to bless my life with a little one
in the mean time I dream a little dream of a beautiful tranquil baby space
and hope and pray that one day, our blessing will come

If It's Hip, It's Here has an amazing collection with all the lovely links attached - an absolute must-see
Modes has tape and other stationary
Craft inspiration here
 more craft here
 Invitations and Printables from Life's little Celebrations
so that you can have an amazing party like this one! 
isn't it all just lovely?