Sunday, February 20, 2011

not a little laundry

surely there's no harm in dreaming a little dream about a beautiful little corner in which to clean clothes....

so no special inspiration i'm afraid, just chores ...... mostly laundry
happy washing to me!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

that loving feeling

so with the craziest week behind me I find myself on the eve of one of my favorite days with not quite the usual excitement but just a little sad and disappointed

  • I haven't blogged about all the truly wonderful inspiration out there in the world to help make someone you love feel very very ...well, loved
  • and I have some things up my sleeve for hubby dearest but not at all on the grand scale i would go to with unlimited time, funds and opportunity
  • and the worst of all is that our usual valentines tradition of skipping the romantic dinner cliché and having a rip-roaring adventure (we've gone speed boating, jet-skiing, rollercoaster riding, travel to new place-ing) but last weekend I accidentally broke the fridge while defrosting it (dont ask) and so all our lovely holiday-fun-making money has had to go on replacing it because of me.....  
  • AND (yes I know, never start a sentance with "and", BUT this is a blog and no-one cares).... I am very aware that not everybody I love is going to be having a loving feeling day tomorrow and they are very much in my thoughts and prayers
so, with all that said, here is some love inspiration

 74 Lime Lane has lots and lots of links 

Paper Crave had a huge valentine's roundup 

and in His Grace  is a very talented lady with words of wisdom and true inspiration from the One who loves us most, the One who cares for us and loves us like no other ever can or will.... the real lover of our souls

fun february

this lovely little month is just flying by!
I have been learning new things I never knew before and have also been learning things about myself

I learnt how to do CPR, save a life, treat a burn, do the Heimlich Maneuver, Triage, treat snake bites, and much much more.
I absolutely LOVE being a First Aider!
I gobbled up the new info and fun learning environment like a ..... (fish to water, camel in desert, hungry person at buffet)??? these are the images in my head... in other words I couldn't get enough and was very sad when course was over - I want to learn more!
the things I learnt about myself were things like, I CAN stay calm in an emergency, I can retain information in my brain (which feels like a sieve most days), I can make a new friend when I try something new....

this week I also worked, was a wife (cook, cleaner, loving feeling maker), student, teacher and logged another 5 hours of practical in the swimming pool.... you know along with the 100's of other things a woman has to be

it was crazy, but good

Saturday, February 5, 2011

learning something new

taking a swim instructor course, wonderful combination of my teaching skills, working with lovely little ones in a fun environment AND getting to swim everyday in this city that is never cool but always hot and muggy....
so much to learn but such a relief to be doing something useful
aren't these pictures beautiful? LIFE

some place funny

and dark and snarky, you know, how we all are sometimes, if only in our minds....
Dear blank, please blank.

Dear unborn son,
Please note that your name will be Luke purely so I can say "Luke, I am your Father" when you question my authority.