Saturday, April 2, 2011

Matryoshka Babushka I love you

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literally just Google Matryoshka or Babushka (also known as nesting-dolls)
... and then there you go
all this loveliness you will see
when we are ever blessed with a little baby girl
(hopefully all blue eyes, red curls...yip my order is in)
then i hope to make her a beautiful space
filled to the brim with colour, texture, pattern and love
(this lady is very ready to be your mommy little girl! i.e. shout out to the Creator of the Heavens above.... I'm very ready to be somebody's mommy Lord...)
Dear Visitor to my site, would you like to send up a little prayer for me right now, for my infertility struggles, with all my heart I wish to be not only a good wife but also a mother, thank you!
Spread the Matryoshka Babushka love!

and of course, having a SON would be a whole different inspiration!

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DD_t said...

These matryoshka doll items are beautiful!! I really like the third last picture of the matryoshka doll decoration. Would you be able to tell me where I would be able to get one! It will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you in advance!