Saturday, January 8, 2011

buttons and talent

These beautiful pieces are made by Nadia from cupcake couture

she has a button search on at the moment... I know that as soon as I see my mom and mother-in-law I will be raiding their sewing boxes ... and all the aunties too! lots of lovely buttons for cupcake couture and the SPCA and bonus! a corsage for all of us
but I'll let her tell you about it in her own words

Why do I want them?
Good question!  You might have noticed that Cupcake Couture makes vintage inspired accessories and in order to make each one special I hunt and scrounge for vintage buttons.  Besides making accessories I am also a very dedicated donor of all my left over sewing pieces....this is where the SPCA comes in.
In the past year the SPCA in Kloof, Durban has found a new home for 202 cats and 673 dogs.  To allow them to continue to do this - buttons can help.  This specific branch has a small sewing shop and all the buttons that I don't use will go to them to sell and make more money to help as many animals as they can in 2011.  Small contribution - big happy heart!

For further details of sending the buttons (even if you are not in Durban) - please email me.

Looking forward to sharing the buttons!  To show you just how much I care - each button donor (big or small) will get a Cupcake Couture ribbon rosette!

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