Saturday, January 26, 2013

a girl's gotta talk

recently inspired by a friend's reflective daily writings, I think I'd like to get some more of "me" down.
maybe I will see things more clearly, maybe I will more easily count my blessings, maybe the universe will send kindness and understanding my way, maybe it will just make me feel better

today I worked, fell asleep waiting for hubby to make me a cup of coffee, woke up from hour nap, read latest issue of Readers Digest...

* note to self: Sugar is Poison to your system!

...and I have spent the last 4 hours sending my CV to every recruiting agency, private school, government depart, museum, library and science center in the greater Durban area....

looking for work is in itself a full time job

in the back of my mind though all I want to do is walk a dog! my puppy craving is getting bad.

this beautiful image is from HearvestHeart

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