Sunday, January 27, 2013

Doing things

Now that we finally have a car again its so lovely to say, lets do ________ thing.
Plus the car has lots of lovely icy cold aircon air!! the heat and humidity is enough to make anyone cranky, and I have been on crank alert for days now, my temper is short, my patience is zero, I am having very mean and horrible and selfish thoughts, feeling very hard done by
but why?
hormones? hard work? stress?
probably a bit of it all

I really don't feel "understood" by anyone

we went for a drive to the South of Durban, some people from W's work have joined a paintball league, he wants to join but I said lets first go see what it is like, what the set up is, what the people are like... before putting down another fortune in TOYS
(yip, that also makes me mad and cranky!)
they were very well organized, friendly and it seemed a fun atmosphere
I could happily sit under a big tree with my kindle while he shoots stuff... or join in.... maybe shooting the **** out of something will relive some stress?

we then finally got to do something I have been wanting to do for ages.... go to the Durban Natural Science Museum. I know the Cape Town one like the back of my hand, and spent many a happy day in London's

will do a post a bout the interior another day, and share more pics from architecture outside
but look how pretty...

just regular old happy snaps....
would love to have the time to play with filters
will put it on my To Do List for the week
oh heck its almost Monday morning!
I have to sleep!

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