Sunday, August 17, 2014

to blog or not to blog

my almost 34 year old self is not in a good place
we went through the unspeakable pain, doubt and torture that is the first round of IVF
this lady describes it perfectly; it's not an easy read but it's totally accurate: faithfulinfertile
i still cant really talk about it
i have been shaken to my core
and come a bit undone
my thoughts are dark
my desires darker still
and my faith in a puddle at my feet

this weekend dear husband made a little progress is getting "me" back
just by being sweet and loving
he deserves so much more....

so on to the question of the day...
to blog or not to blog?
share my pinterest boards
and use this cyber space to upload, unload download or die
or this quote, from here
i guess we'll see

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