Sunday, February 13, 2011

fun february

this lovely little month is just flying by!
I have been learning new things I never knew before and have also been learning things about myself

I learnt how to do CPR, save a life, treat a burn, do the Heimlich Maneuver, Triage, treat snake bites, and much much more.
I absolutely LOVE being a First Aider!
I gobbled up the new info and fun learning environment like a ..... (fish to water, camel in desert, hungry person at buffet)??? these are the images in my head... in other words I couldn't get enough and was very sad when course was over - I want to learn more!
the things I learnt about myself were things like, I CAN stay calm in an emergency, I can retain information in my brain (which feels like a sieve most days), I can make a new friend when I try something new....

this week I also worked, was a wife (cook, cleaner, loving feeling maker), student, teacher and logged another 5 hours of practical in the swimming pool.... you know along with the 100's of other things a woman has to be

it was crazy, but good

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